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Happy 22nd Birthday, Nicholas Jerry Jonas! ♡

“I’d rather love someone I can’t have, than have someone I can’t love.”


I love this scene so much because Alex looks so shocked when Piper says it, like she obviously knows Piper loves her, but it always seems to be Alex who says it first, it’s always Alex who is up front about her feelings, so when Piper tells Alex she loves her, we see this tiny ounce of vulnerability in Alex which just kills me


Tom Fletcher + Songwriting 

I was hardly a prolific songwriter. The frist songs I’d written were for my GCSE music course when I was fifteen: two songs, both absolutely terrible. - T.F, “Unsaid things - The alien at the window”, page 20

Daenerys Targaryen meme + (3/6) traits or emotions ► maternal

Dany felt a lightness in her chest. I will never bear a living child, she remembered. Her hand trembled as she raised it. Perhaps she smiled. She must have, because the man grinned and shouted again, and others took up the cry. “Mhysa!” they called. “Mhysa! MHYSA!” They were all smiling at her, reaching for her, kneeling before her. Maela, some called her, while others cried Aelalla or Qathei or Tato, but whatever the tongue it all meant the same thing. Mother. They are calling me Mother.

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY NICK JONAS!  (September 16, 1992 | Dallas, Texas)

"First tweet of 2014. Second tweet of 2014. Third tweet of 2014. How annoying would it be if I tweeted 2014 times." 

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